It is going to be alright

Confused and not knowing what was going on with me in the lowest pit of my life – I hear a friend keep telling me: it is going to be alright.  He kept repeating, the meaning of it was empty for me at that time.  It didn’t make sense.  How can it be alright when I lost in touch with reality?

Thanks to the miracle of grace, slowly – I mean extremely slowly – it really is going to be alright.  Just fall back on God the Father and wait.  You don’t have to believe it, but need to hear the words of hope.  It may make you laugh but that is okay.  It may seem ridiculous or rude but let the words come to you.

It is going to be alright.  This too shall pass.

The illness doesn’t get to you much if you manage to hold onto hope.  The worst thing that can happen to you more than having this terrible illness is to lose hope that it is going to be alight.  That is a nightmare.  Yes we may brush with that experience too, but pray that it be brief.

Let it come to you: read it again- don’t worry if it may bounce back … it is going to be alright.


Recovery: myth or possibility

As I was surfing the web to study about recovery, I came across an article that states recovery from bipolar illness to lead a normal life is a myth.  My heart went out to those who would be reading this lie.

First, what do you mean normal?  I see people who don’t have the mental illness label and yet are messed up big time.  So what is normal? I think with bp I came to a place of appreciation for life in a more profound way.  Yes, with bipolar my relationships were marred, but in recovery those relationships were made more deep and far more meaningful.  So I think after going through the pain and anguish, we can come to a place where we gain for the loss we suffered through gratitude and deep spirituality.

Second, what about the God factor?  People dismiss the power of God in bringing wholeness that is better than cure to our fragile lives.  The same God we were mad at is the One who tenderly pull us through the pain.  I don’t know why me but in the same tone I come to ask why not me?

I went through the worst of bipolar, bipolar I, and yes I am leading more than normal life praise be to the Lord. So don’t let anyone take the hope away from you.  Yes, it may be difficult and many times overwhelming, but hang in there for it is going to be alright.  Be patient and keep the hope alive in your heart that you will be coming out of this darkness.

Work with your doctors and take care of yourself well.